IFC Fleet Services is an independent specialist 
bringing unparalleled expertise to support your 
fleet operation. We offer unbiased strategic 
advice to ensure the right fleet policy, and should 
you need operational support we can deliver a 
range of services from vehicle sourcing, to 
maintenance management through to 24 hour 
driver support.

We bring you the benefits of our constant 
appraisal of market pricing as well as the 
experience of developing best practice across a 
wide range of client fleets, plus an attention to 
detail which ensures in-life costs are managed 

We deliver this in a package which minimises your 
administration and ensures your drivers are fully 
supported. Business costs are reduced, you get on 
with running your business and, when things 
happen, your drivers can get on with the day job.
It’s all we do and we have been doing it 
successfully since 2001; our staff are highly 
experienced and our processes are honed to 
ensure you benefit from those efficiencies and 

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