Controlling fleet costs isn’t just about the vehicle. The single biggest opportunity for further cost reduction lies in business mileage and fuel cost reduction. It is widely recognised that including salaries the average cost per mile of driving a company vehicle is in excess of £0.80p and with careful planning many drivers could reduce their mileage by 20%. Something like 20% of drivers also admit to exaggerating expense claims.

Our sister company Vertivia Ltd. was established specifically to develop a bespoke industry leading software system to help businesses track business mileage, manage costs and ensure robust records for HMRC scrutiny. 

• Drivers have a simple and effective mileage capture/expense claim process 
• All journey mileages are checked against postcode 
• Manages company car drivers and grey fleet 
• Can interface with fuel card data/client payroll systems 

Vertivia Mileage Management is now established as a robust and highly effective tool to manage costs in a wide range of fleets.
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