Negotiating for the supply and organising the delivery of a new vehicle can be a very time consuming task. At IFC we have established a reliable and very cost effective supplier network and leverage the buying power of our complete customer base to deliver best value on every vehicle.

Fleets using contract hire are often left with a dilemma; single source for ease of administration or multi source with increased paperwork and different processes for different drivers. IFC delivers the best of both options. Each order for a new vehicle will be tendered to 3 approved suppliers, ensuring you receive the most competitive rental every time, but with consolidated invoicing from us giving the simplicity of single sourcing. Pricing trends are closely monitored and 
uncompetitive suppliers are replaced.

We aim to significantly reduce administration and mirror the simplicity of this process for user choosers too with a unique on-line showroom.

Once the order is placed we carefully monitor lead times, update the driver on delivery, and ensure customer specific instructions are adhered to and end of contact vehicles are collected.

If you outright purchase we can still provide the same cost benefits via our supplier network but relieve you of the considerable administration of many suppliers.
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