An effective fleet policy, first and foremost, must meet the needs of your business, but also needs to 
evolve with a changing market; changes in vehicle specification and reliability, taxation, interest rates, 
environmental concerns and fuel costs. 
Vehicle Funding - Using highly sophisticated software we can give you pre and p ost tax answers on 
buy v lease and which best suits your business. 
Vehicle Choice Lists and Replacement Cycles - Our rigorous review of whole life costs (including the 
often omitted National Insurance and fuel costs) will ensure the vehicles on your choice list and the 
frequency of replacement really do give best value. 
Cash Opt Out - Should you offer it? How should you calculate and structure the allowance and what 
controls should be in place are key to managing this aspect of your fleet. 
Mileage Reimbursement - You would expect to ensure your drivers are adequately compensated for 
essential travel – but what is essential and how much is fair? We bring innovative solutions (including 
tax efficient processes for cash allowance drivers) to manage this sensitive area. 
Free Fuel - Employer provided fuel for private mileage can be one of the l east cost efficient aspects of 
fleet policy. We can demonstrate the true cost to drivers and th e business, and recommend 
alternative strategies. 
Salary Sacrifice - By offering a company car to your wider workforce via salary sacrifice, we can show 
you how to improve staff benefits but potentially also reduce your overall fleet costs. 
Duty of Care - Driving at work presents very specific responsibilities and it’s vital that both 
management and staff are clear on their roles. We can assist in preparing and communicating a policy 
which will protect drivers and the business. We can also deliver some of the practical steps which 
need to be taken. 
Grey Fleet - Duty of care concerns have made many employers wary of grey fle et, but it is clear that in 
some situations grey fleet offers the most convenient and cost effective solution. We can bring 
considerable expertise in structuring policies which will allow you to manage grey fleet use, keep 
costs under control and utilise alternatives to private vehicles when this would be more effective.