An effective fleet policy must meet the needs of your business, but also evolve with a changing market; changes in vehicle specification and reliability, taxation, interest rates, environmental concerns and fuel costs.

We use highly sophisticated software to inform the buy v lease decision and our rigorous review of whole life costs will ensure the vehicles on your choice list and the frequency of replacement really do give best value.

We bring innovative solutions to manage fuel reimbursement and if some drivers benefit from free fuel we can demonstrate the true cost to drivers and the business, and recommend alternative strategies.

Alternatives to the traditional company car such as cash allowance, salary sacrifice and grey fleet can all play their part. We are on hand to ensure they provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

Whatever the shape of your fleet we can assist in preparing and communicating a Duty of Care policy which will protect drivers and the business. We can also deliver some of the practical steps which need to be taken.
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